ClickFunnels Review: Read This Before Buying!!! (Free Trial Inside!)


Hi everyone and welcome to my ClickFunnels review.

If you work in the field of online marketing, you’re probably heard about ClickFunnels. What is ClickFunnels? Is ClickFunnels Worth Trying?

ClickFunnels is currently one of the most powerful sales funnel creation tools on the market. This all-in-one sales funnel platform offers you funnels builder, an auto-responder, email service and much more. Here is a comprehensive ClickFunnels Review!


So What Is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder that makes it easy for anyone to list, sell and deliver their products online. ClickFunnels provides you with the marketing tools that make it easy to customize your designs with its drag and drop builder, no coding needed!

This means you don’t need to wait for someone to build your website for you.

ClickFunnels Review. ClickFunnels Users

You can use ClickFunnels to build:

  • Landing Pages
  • Opt-In Pages
  • Membership Area
  • Webinar Pages
  • Sales Funnels with Upsells

You can create any website with ClickFunnels.

Remember they have a free trial you can get so you can decide if it’s right for your business before you decide to buy. Simply click the button below to get this trial.

CLICKFUNNELS REVIEW: ClickFunnels Is A Website And Sales Funnel Builder For Entrepreneurs

ClickFunnels was created so that entrepreneurs like you, who aren’t programmers and who don’t know how to code, can easily build beautiful pages inside of a sales funnel, to grow your company online!

  • Guide your visitors step-by-step through the entire sales process (so they don’t get confused or LOST, and leave).
  • ​Point your customer straight to the ONE product or service they need most to help solve their problem.
  • ​Follow-up with your visitors, even after they leave your page!

ClickFunnels Gives You The Tools And Strategies You Need In One Convenient Spot!

Yes, ClickFunnels Gives You The Tools And Strategies You Need To Market, Sell, AND Deliver Your Products Online.

  • ​Simple Drag and Drop Webpage Editor.
  • ​Quickly Build Sales Funnels That Convert.
  • ​Smart Shopping Cart With 1 Click Upsells.
  • Email and Facebook Marketing Automation.
  • Everything Organized in One Simple Dashboard.

Generate Leads

Generate New LEADS That You Can Connect With… Create simple funnels that quickly capture your visitors’ contact information, so you can generate new leads to follow-up with again and again, even after they leave your page!  

ClickFunnels Review - Generate Leads

Sell Your Products

Create beautiful pages and funnels that are pre-designed to walk your traffic through each step of the sales process, and convert them from “visitors” into actual paying customers who benefit from your products…

Also, you can add “1 click upsells”, and dramatically increase your revenue per customer! 

ClickFunnels Review. Your products

Follow-Up Funnels

When you upgrade to Actionetics MD, you can also connect or reconnect with your audience anytime, anywhere using multi-dimensional marketing.

You can send highly-targeted messages to your customers through email, social, text, and desktop notifications.

(That means, your messages can get delivered straight to your customer, no matter where they’re at, or what they’re doing!)  

ClickFunnels Review. Follow-up Funnels

In Less Than 10 Minutes, You Can Create What Would Have Taken Your Tech Team Weeks To Do…

What ClickFunnels Can Do For You?

1. Quickly Build Smart Sales Funnels That Convert!

Imagine An Easy Way To Create Your Own High-Converting Marketing Funnels.

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can have your new funnel up and running in as little as 10 minutes!

Before ClickFunnels, if you wanted to create a sales funnel, you had to PIECE together every element yourself (or hire a development team to do it for thousands of dollars!)

  • All the individual pages
  • The shopping cart
  • The autoresponder sequences
  •  The merchant account

And after all that was finished?

You still had to connect all the 3rd party programs (that may or may not work nicely together) and hope that you have a working funnel at the end…

Nobody Wants To DEAL With All Those Moving Parts And Pieces!

With ClickFunnels, everything you need to build and launch your funnel is pre-developed and automatically pieced together FOR you, so you have a seamless, FAST set up.

How Does ClickFunnels Works

STEP #1: Pick Which Type Of Funnel You Want To Use For Your Business.

There Are 3 Main Reasons Entrepreneurs Typically Create A Funnel:

  • To Generate LEADS
  • To Generate SALES
  • To Run An EVENT (Like a Webinar)

If You Want To Generate LEADS, there are two ways that people generate leads with ClickFunnels:

#1 – Basic email or messenger leads (where your goal is to capture their email address and build a list).

#2 – Longer form application leads (where you are getting a name, phone number, and more detailed information about the lead).

If You Want To Generate SALES, there are three ways that people generally sell products with ClickFunnels:

#1 – A two-step “tripwire” or “unboxing” funnel. This is generally for lower-priced products (often times a loss leader where you lose some money upfront) but where the goal is to get a customer, and then use 1-click upsells in the funnel to generate a profit.

#2 – A sales letter or a video sales letter funnel. This type of funnel is generally for products that require a little more selling, either because the product needs more explanation, or you need a presentation to sell people on the perceived value of what you’re selling. This funnel often uses 1-click upsells to generate additional profit per customer.

#3 – A Launch Funnel. This is used when you are looking to launch a new product or service, and you want to build up excitement for the launch. This funnel, made famous by Jeff Walker called “The Product Launch” funnel, works really well for selling more expensive products because you have more time to sell people on the perceived value of what you are selling.

If You Want To Run An Online EVENT, there are two ways that you can run your event with ClickFunnels:

#1 – A live webinar using a 3rd party software like gotowebinar or zoom.ClickFunnels is used to customize the registration process, and increase conversion and sales.

#2 – An automated, on-demand, evergreen webinar that is completely run on ClickFunnels.
For this funnel, you take a presentation you already created, and use our funnels to run the whole event.

STEP #2: Adjust Your Funnel To Be Exactly The Way You Want! (Add, Move, Delete Pages, Add Membership Sites And More!)

Want To Add Extra Pages To Your Funnel?

One-Click Upsells. Dramatically increase your cart value by adding pages that offer additional products or services to customers after they buy.  Customers won’t have to go through the entire check-out process again. With just ONE click, ClickFunnels can add any upsell to their purchase!  

ClickFunnels Review. One-Click Upsells

Membership Areas. Create a member’s page that hosts your training material or subscription content. Your customers can create a login, and get instant access to all of your posted content (or it can be drip-fed to them based on the schedule you want.) No need for 3rd party Learning Management Software or another tool.

ClickFunnels Review. Membership Areas

Order Forms. Create an EASY, non-confusing check-out process for your customers, and reduce cart abandonment! Use the traditional style order form, or the special 2-step order form, which captures lead information so you can market to those who abandon their cart.
You can also add instant order bumps to add-on the impulse purchases that increase your profits.

ClickFunnels Review. Order Forms.

Affiliate Centers. Add your own affiliate program to the back of ANY ClickFunnels sales funnel in just minutes with just two extra pages! Inside the affiliate area, you can change commission plans, affiliate types, do payouts, as well as create affiliate areas for your affiliates with easy to download banner ads and example copy. Best of all, you can generate affiliate links that go to ANY of your ClickFunnels page (not funnel specific) so your affiliates collect sales down the road just for sharing your free content.

ClickFunnels Review. Affiliate Centers

STEP #3: Customize The Look And Feel Of Your Pages

ClickFunnels gives you the best of both worlds – you have the freedom to make each page look exactly how you want, without dealing with any of the tedious development and coding!

Here’s How Simple It Is To Turn Your Template Into Your Own Uniquely Branded Funnel:

  • Replace The Logo In The Template With Your Own Logo
  • Replace The Headline Area With A Headline Of Your Own
  • Replace A Video Placeholder With Your Own Video

In just a few clicks, your template will transform into a fully-branded funnel that captures your unique “look” and voice!

Use Advanced Customization Tools Get The PERFECT Look For Your Pages!

The Etison Editor has built-in advanced tools that will allow you to customize any page within ClickFunnels.

You Can Tailor Your Pages With Tools Such As: 

  • Custom CSS. You can take ANY ClickFunnels element, and make custom changes using existing html code.
  • Padding Adjustment. Adjust the spacing that surrounds an element, so your spacing looks even and visually pleasing.
  • Color Adjustment. Adjust the color of text fonts, backgrounds, etc… 
  • … and so much more!

STEP #4: Capture Leads Inside Of ClickFunnels

Capturing leads Is EASY With ClickFunnels! When someone gives you their email address, they join your list so you can follow-up with them later.

There are two ways to do that inside ClickFunnels:

Method #1: The Automation Tab. With the Automation Tab, you can set up email messages and sequences to reconnect with your audience. Inside your new funnel, you have access to what’s called an “Automation Tab”, and you can create short email sequences to roll out following an opt-in or a sale. You can even create email notifications to let you know when someone opts in or buys something from you!

Method #2: Actionetics Follow-Up Funnels. Actionetics is a tool inside ClickFunnels that allows you to create simple-but-powerful Follow-Up Funnels. Actionetics isn’t just an email autoresponder. Sure, you can create, schedule, and deliver email sequences, but Actionetics can do so much more than that! With Actionetics, you can create Follow-Up funnels that speak directly to your individual customers, based on their own information, such as:

  • Who they are 
  • What they’ve purchased from you, and how recently
  • Where they came from
  • What actions they took inside your funnel

Instead of speaking to your audience with ONE generic message, you can create follow-up funnels that resonate with the individual, and boost your conversions and sales! 

STEP #5: AddING Your Products Into ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels has a full shopping cart, so you don’t need to piece together any 3rd party tools to sell your products or services online. It’s all included free with your ClickFunnels account!

ClickFunnels automatically adds your product information to your order form FOR you!
You can add your products, choose the price you want to sell them for, and be up and selling your product or service in minutes!

There are two types of products that you can add to your funnel: 

1. DIGITAL Products

If you’re adding a DIGITAL product to your funnel. Once a customer buys your product, the purchase can unlock a Membership Site access for them. (This works GREAT if you are a coach, or if you sell a course with lots of training or content). Or you can also send them directly to a thank-you page, where they can instantly download their digital product.

2. PHYSICAL Products

If you’re adding a PHYSICAL Product to your funnel. Once a customer buys your product, you can have the order exported directly to a fulfillment company, (like ShipStation), which will manage and ship your orders for you.

STEP #6: Set Up Split Tests To Increase Your Conversions!

Quickly Setup Split Tests So You Can Optimize Your Sales And Leads Each Day!

ClickFunnels Review. Quickly Setup Split Tests So You Can Optimize Your Sales And Leads Each Day!

Before you start scaling the traffic to your funnel to increase sales, you should run split tests to optimize your funnel, and make sure your traffic is turning into maximum leads or sales.
ClickFunnels allows you to set up a true A/B split-test to see which version of your funnel performs better.

You can split-test just about anything you want:

  • Headlines
  • Videos
  • Pages
  • Buttons
  • Images
  • Copy
  • The list is almost endless… 

Setting up split tests in ClickFunnels is simplest way to boost your funnel conversions, and beat your control every day!

STEP #7: Make Your Funnel LIVE!

It’s time to hit the GO button!In just a few clicks, your funnel will be LIVE, and ready to start collecting leads and sales.

ClickFunnels Review. Make Your Funnel LIVE!

To Make Your Funnel LIVE:

  •  Check the Launch Checklist and inside ClickFunnels to make sure that you’ve “checked-off” each step, and that your funnel is ready to publish!  
  •  Put your payment gateway into ‘test mode’, and make a test purchase.
  •  Set the proper domain (if you haven’t already), so your traffic will hit the first page of your funnel.

That’s it! That’s all it takes to get the pages inside of your funnel up and running, and ready crank out leads and sales!

STEP #8: Track Your Stats!

With your ClickFunnels Dashboard, you can quickly see how well your funnels are performing…
On your Dashboard, you’ll be able to:

  • Get a visual CHART of your funnels
  • See how many people are joining your lists
  • Determine which funnels convert the best
  • See how your business grows over time

Your ClickFunnels Dashboard is pre-formulated, so there is NO setup involved, and it will automatically track and report all of your most critical numbers on ONE easy-to-check page!

What ClickFunnels Can Do For You?

2. Create High Converting Pages Using “Drag ’N’ Drop” Editor 

Imagine Being Able To Create And Edit Your OWN Web Pages And Funnels (Exactly The Way You Want Them)…Without Having To Spend THOUSANDS Of Dollars On Professional Designers And Programmers!

The Etison Editor Is The EASIEST Way To Build And Edit Funnels That Are Pre-Designed To Convert Your Visitors Into Customers…So You Never Have To Feel Handcuffed To A Team Of Designers Or Programmers Again!

With The ClickFunnels Page Editor, you can design and launch pages in minutes… And you can do this without learning to read or write a single line of code!

This Is Why THOUSANDS Of Entrepreneurs Are Using The Page Editor Inside ClickFunnels To Launch Their Pages In Just Minutes!

How The Page Editor Works

STEP #1: Start By Choosing Your Favorite Design From High Converting Templates, And Then Customize!

Inside of ClickFunnels there are dozens of amazing templates that are scientifically proven to convert that you can use for free inside of your account! You just need to decide what type of page you are trying to create, select it, and then start editing and customizing it.

Here are a few of the types of pages that our members create often inside of ClickFunnels:

Optin Pages To Generate Leads And Build A List

The Page Editor allows you to create optin pages in just minutes, so you can get your page live, and start collecting leads IMMEDIATELY.  There’s no reason to start from scratch (unless you want to). Start by choosing which optin page template you like best, (ALL of them are pre-engineered to GENERATE LEADS, and quickly build your list!) Then simply add in your branding and opt-in information, and you’ll have a page that’s ready to gather leads in no time!

ClickFunnels Review. Optin Pages To Generate Leads And Build A List

Sales Pages To Sell Your Products

There are a variety of highest-converting templates into the Page Editor. With a huge menu of templates to choose from, sales pages aren’t only convenient – they’re pre-designed to help you turn visitors into CUSTOMERS! Once you pick your favorite template, simply drag and drop the sales elements that you want to have on your page, and then replace them with your own branding. 

ClickFunnels Review. Sales Pages To Sell Your Products

Order Form Pages To Collect Payments

Use the Editor’s Order Form Page templates to create a simple and FAST check-out process for your customers. Each order form template is pre-designed to make buying your products EASY for your customers, and reduce cart abandonment. Simply add in your product description, pricing, and merchant account, and your order form page will be ready to take payments from your customers!

ClickFunnels Review. Order Form Pages To Collect Payments

Upsell Pages So You Can Do 1-Click Upsells

With the Page Editor, creating additional high-converting offer pages can be done in just a few clicks. Simply choose your favorite Upsell page template from our collection of pre-designed pages, and your page is ready INSTANTLY. All you need to do is replace the page elements with your own branding and offer, and then sit back and watch your 1-Click Upsell Page dramatically increase your cart value!

ClickFunnels Review. Upsell Pages So You Can Do 1-Click Upsells

Webinar Event Pages So You Can Host Live Or Evergreen Webinar Events

All of the webinar event page templates are designed (and tested) to accomplish 2 goals:

  • Maximize your webinar registrants
  • Boost your webinar attendance

Select from Registration page templates that are tested and proven to convert visitors into registrants who are eager to see your presentation! Once your webinar page template is in place, simply replace the sales elements with your own webinar details!

ClickFunnels Review. Webinar Event Pages So You Can Host Live Or Evergreen Webinar Events

Membership Sites So You Can Store And Sell Your Content

In just a few clicks, you can create a Member’s Area that hosts ALL of your training and content for your customers. All you need to do is choose your favorite Membership Site from the menu of templates, and then add in your training or content.  

After you have selected your template, it’s simple to change the logos, images, videos and copy with YOUR message for YOUR brand!

ClickFunnels Review. Membership Sites So You Can Store And Sell Your Content

STEP #2: Understand How Page Structure Works So You Can Customize The Pages
To Fit Your Brand!

The templates already start beautiful, and for most people, this will be enough. But I know that some of you want to really customize the pages to match your brand. The good news? It is REALLY easy to do inside of ClickFunnels when you understand a few basic fundamentals.

Here Is The Big Secret – Color-Coded “Building Blocks”:

Sections (All Sections Are In GREEN In Your ClickFunnels Editor)

  • ​Sections are the “base” pieces that make up your page. You add these into your page FIRST. (Just like an artist who first paints the foundation for a work of art, – like “sky”, “horizon”, and “ground”).
  • ​Most pages will have a few main sections.

For example –  A Top Section – where your headline, and video typically goes. Then a Middle Section – for additional sales copy, videos or content. And finally the Footer Section.

Rows/Columns (All Rows And Columns Are In BLUE In Your ClickFunnels Editor)

  • ​Rows and columns can be placed inside the different sections on your page.
  • ​Use Rows and columns to adjust how each section is laid out on the page.

For example – in the top section, you may add a row at the top (where you could potentially put your logos, or navigation links). And a row with two columns underneath (where you could potentially place a video in one column, and a call to action in the other column).
And a footer row (where you could potentially put your legal terms of service or contact information).

Elements (All Sales Elements Are In ORANGE In Your ClickFunnels Editor)

This is where your page layout comes to life!

  • ​Fill in any sales elements that you want INSIDE your rows or columns. (Just like the painter would fill in smaller details AFTER their background is in place…)
  • ​These are the DETAILS of your page that will give it a special, unique look, and boost conversion!

For example: inside the row, you can add your main headline at the top of the page.  Inside Column 1, you can add a video. Inside Column 2, you can add a button.

As you’re about to see, ClickFunnels makes it SO simple, that you can look at ANY page or site online, and model the layout and structure of it inside ClickFunnels in minutes! If you can understand just a few colors, and 4 basic building blocks of a page, you can create ANY page that you see on the internet!  

STEP #3: Adding In Page Elements

You can customize your page with over 50+ amazing elements that you can choose from, just like a painter would pick a color from their pallet. Just drag and drop them onto the page and then move them around to your heart’s content!

ClickFunnels Review. Adding In Page Elements.

ClickFunnels has ALL the elements you need pre-developed and ready for you to easily plug into your pages.

All you need to do is choose which elements you want, and drag it onto your page canvas.

If You Can ‘Drag And Drop’, Then You Have The Skills You Need To Make The Pages Inside Of Your Funnel Convert!

The simplicity of this editor makes it so ANYONE can build the sales funnel of their dreams!
Each ‘drag and drop’ element is color-coded to help you match WHERE to place it on your page. (Drag the orange sales element to an available orange spot on your page…it’s that simple!)

STEP #4: Use Advanced Customization Tools – Get The PERFECT Look For Your Pages!

Want Even More Control Over Your Pages? No problem! The Etison Editor has built-in advanced tools that will allow you to customize any page within ClickFunnels.


You Can Tailor Your Pages With Tools Such As: 

  • Custom CSS. You can take ANY ClickFunnels element, and make custom changes using existing html code.
  • Padding Adjustment. Adjust the spacing that surrounds an element, so your spacing looks even and visually pleasing.
  • Color Adjustment. Adjust the color of text fonts, backgrounds, etc… 
  • … and so much more!

STEP #5: Make Your Page Go LIVE!

Once you have your funnel looking the EXACT way you want, it’s time to publish! To Make Your Funnel LIVE:

  1. Check the Launch Checklist inside the Editor to make sure that you’ve “checked-off” each step, and that your funnel is ready to publish!
  2. Test your funnel to make sure everything is setup and working correctly.
ClickFunnels Review. MAKE YOUR PAGE GO LIVE!

And That’s It! That’s all it takes to get the pages inside of your funnel up and running, and ready to collect leads and sales!

STEP #6: Customize Your Mobile Experience.

There’s NOTHING extra that you have to do to make your funnels mobile responsive. It’s already set for you!

ClickFunnels Review. Customize Your Mobile Experience

Which means, your customers can enter into your funnel and shop, or watch presentations wherever they are at! (If you want to customize it even further, you can turn on and off elements, based on desktop vs mobile. This ensures that your customers experiences are flawless no matter which device they are on!)

Here’s What You Can Do To Optimize Your Mobile Experience:

  • Set a custom desirable text size for mobile view.
  • Set any section, row, or element to appear in mobile only, desktop only, or both.
  • Preview your page in a mobile view, with just one click.

What ClickFunnels Can Do For You?

3. Run Smart Affiliate Programs Inside Your Funnels!

Imagine Having An Entire Army Of Motivated, Commission Only Sales People Selling Your Products For You Around The Clock.

Backpack Is The EASIEST Way To Create Your Affiliate Program, And Scale Your Business…(Without Scaling Your Workload Or Advertising Dollars!)

Before Backpack, Creating An Affiliate Program Was A Technical Nightmare!

If you wanted an affiliate team, you had to PIECE together every element yourself (or hire a development team to do it for thousands of dollars)!

  • You had to set up the Affiliate pages…
  • The affiliate IDs…
  • The tracking pixels…
  • You had to add custom code to each page…
  • Customize their shopping carts and more!
  • And when all of that was done?

You still had to connect all the 3rd party programs (that may or may not integrate with your product sales pages) and hope that their pixeling technology actually followed ad clickers all the way to the order form…

WAY too confusing…right?

It would take forever just to get an Affiliate Program set up.

Nobody Has TIME For That!

With Backpack, everything you need is already set up inside the ClickFunnels Editor, so adding an Affiliate Program to your sales funnel is a seamless, FAST set up.

The other reason that people are moving their affiliate programs over to Backpack is because of a new technology we created called: STICKY COOKIES!

ClickFunnels Review. STICKY COOKIES

Backpack uses a proprietary Affiliate incentive that we call “sticky cookies” to keep your promoters very happy, loyal, and continuously sending traffic your way! 

What’s a Sticky Cookie?

When a customer purchases a product under your Affiliate’s ID link, the affiliate earns a commission for that product, PLUS commission if the customer purchases additional products down the road!    

That customer’s information (and sales commission) will “stick” with the SAME affiliate, even if they didn’t use a special affiliate link to buy additional products.

How Backpack Works

STEP #1: Decide What Percentage You Are Going To Pay Your Affiliates And Then Setup Your Commission Plan! 

You first need to decide what percentage of each sale you want to offer your affiliates. The more you are able to pay them, the more likely you will be able to recruit good affiliates.
Oftentimes for digital products, people pay their affiliates anywhere from 35% up to 75% OR MORE of each sale!

Sometimes with physical products, where there is a higher cost of fulfillment, commissions are often lower, sometimes 5% up to 30%. How you structure your commission plan is entirely up to you. 

Here Is How You Set It Up:

1. Create A “Commission Plan

Backpack makes it EASY to set whatever commission structure you want! In just a few clicks, your commission settings will be set, and ready for your affiliates to start promoting! 

Inside your Affiliate Management area, simply select the “Commission Plans” tab. Then click on the “Add Commission Plan” button.

ClickFunnels Review. Create A “Commission Plan.

2. Customize Your “Commission Plan

Give your new commission plan a NAME (so you can easily locate it from your list if you have multiple plans), and then click the “Create Commission Plan” button.

You can create as many new plans as you like (especially if you have multiple products, or want to run different Affiliate specials or contests). If you create more than one commission plan, set whichever ones you want to run as ACTIVE.

You can easily switch back and forth between commission plans as needed, depending on what specials, launch events, or promotions you want to run.

ClickFunnels Review. Customize Your "Commission Plan.

3. Add Affiliate Types

Inside Backpack, you have the flexibility to add in many different TYPES of affiliates:

  • Regular affiliates
  • Super affiliates
  • Launch affiliates
  • JV Partners
  • Friends & Family(You get the idea)

You can add as many affiliate types as you like. This gives you the ability to categorize affiliate groups however you want, and pay your promoters different amounts.

For example, if you have affiliates that are really awesome and bring you a lot of new customers, you can put them under a separate affiliate type, and pay them a higher commission.

ClickFunnels Review. Add Affiliate Types.

4. Add Commission For Each Affiliate Type

It is EASY to set up customized commission plans for your different affiliate types, such as friends or joint venture partners!

For each new affiliate type that you create, simply enter in the designated commission amount that you want to pay out.

There’s no crazy math that you need to do. No formulas or algorithms that you need to figure out for affiliate commissions.

Once your commission settings are saved for each affiliate type, Backpack tracks and handles ALL the math for the different commission levels, so you will never have to break out a calculator!

ClickFunnels Review. Add Commission For Each Affiliate Type

5. Create A Two-Tier Affiliate Program

How would you like your affiliates to recruit other people to promote your products?
Backpack allows you to have not just one, but TWO tiers of affiliate commissions!

Here’s how that works:

Tier #1: Let’s say your affiliate brings you a new customer, and you pay them 30% sales commission.

Tier #2: If that new customer promotes for you under their own affiliate link, and generates sales, the original affiliate can receive a Tier 2 commission as well (like an extra 5% or 10%!)

Not only will the extra commission tier motivate your affiliates to encourage others to become an affiliate, but the size of your affiliate team explodes, (and exponentially increases your traffic and income) rapidly!

To add your 2nd Affiliate Tier, all you need to do is select the “Add New Tier” button, and decide how much you want to pay out for Tier 2 commission. In just a few clicks, you instantly have commission plans for a 2-Tier Affiliate Program built and ready to track commissions for your promoters!

STEP #2: Add 2 Simple Pages To ANY Funnel To Instantly Add An Affiliate Program To That Funnel! 

You can add an Affiliate Program to the back of ANY ClickFunnels sales funnel with just TWO simple pages!

The first page is your affiliate page (where your affiliates will go to login to create their accounts and login to your affiliate program)!

Let me show you how to create your Affiliate Page:

  1. From The Funnel Page, Click “Add New Step”
  2. Select “Affiliates” And Choose “Affiliate Access” Page
  3. Edit The Page With Information About Your Affiliate Program!

The second page is your affiliate center. This is where you give your affiliates tools that they can use to promote your products. You can give them banner ads, samples emails they can use and more. They can also check their stats and see the sales they have made inside of this affiliate center.

Let me show you how to create your affiliate center:

  1. From The Funnel Page, Click “Add New Step”
  2. Select “Affiliates” And Choose “Affiliate Area” Page

And That’s It For This Step! It’s As Easy As That! If you can pick a favorite Affiliate Page design template from a drop-down menu, you can create an Affiliate Program! 

  • You don’t need to be a technology guru (I’m certainly not…).  
  • You don’t need to know a single line of code, and you’ll never have to build any pages from scratch.  
  • You don’t need to hire a team of developers for thousands of dollars…

All it takes is adding two extra pages to your sales funnel, and you instantly have a built-in affiliate program that’s ready to pay people for promoting your product!

STEP #3: Create Your Affiliate Area Center To Help Your Affiliates Promote Your Products!

Backpack Makes It SIMPLE For Your Affiliates To Promote Your Product!  

The “Affiliate Area Page” acts like a central ‘hub’ for your affiliates. This is where your promoters can access any helpful promotional materials that you want to provide for them: Banner images, swipe copy, testimonials, email templates, articles, links. Any tools or resources that can help them do a better job of promoting for you!

This page is SO helpful to me for 2 reasons:

  1. The easier I make it for my affiliates, the more they promote for me!
  2. I can give them the BEST images, email copy, or content that converts the highest. I want to provide them with tools that will produce the highest amount of targeted traffic.

To Design Your Affiliate Area:

  1. Choose The Affiliate Center Page
  2. Click The “Edit Page”
  3. Edit The Details, Add In Banner Ads / Email Samples / Swipes

Once you add your tools and resources in, your affiliates will have everything they need to promote your product all on ONE convenient page! And, if you want to make things REALLY exciting inside your Affiliate Area, You Can Run CONTESTS!

Affiliates LOVE a fun contest or competition – especially if a prize is at stake!

With Backpack, you can run contests and give bonuses or prizes to your top affiliates and referral partners. How you run contests is COMPLETELY up to you.

Here’s How To Run Affiliate Contests:

  •  Send your affiliates an email a few days ahead of time with all the contest details, and the dates that the contest starts & ends.
  •  ALSO, paste those contest details on your Affiliate Area Page, so they’ll be sure to see it.
  •  Update your commission plan settings to reflect the contest details (if it applies). For example: You might run a 3-day contest where everybody gets paid a nice FIXED commission, instead of a %.
  •  Create and post a Contest Leaderboard on your Affiliate Area page that shows your TOP-ranking affiliates (It doesn’t need to be fancy. Simply check your report to determine the leading affiliates throughout the contest, and post the top 5-10 names for ALL the affiliates to see). 
ClickFunnels Review. You Can Run CONTESTS!

Every time you do this, your affiliates work even HARDER to promote. They can see where they are in the rankings, and how many sales they need to beat out their competitors, and collect the prize!

STEP #4: Check Your “Affiliate Dashboard” Stats And Pay Your Affiliates!

Managing Your Affiliate Program Has Never Been Easier!

ClickFunnels Review. Check Your “Affiliate Dashboard” Stats And Pay Your Affiliates!

With your Affiliate Dashboard, you can get a quick, “at-a-glance” view of your Affiliate Stats.
Every CRITICAL number or stat that you should be tracking is on this page, and can be checked quickly and easily.

Your affiliate dashboard will track and report:

  • ​What your affiliates are promoting
  • Who is making you money
  • Your Affiliate sales and income

THERE IS NO EXTRA SETUP NEEDED for your Affiliate Dashboard! 

Built-in Affiliate Tracking and Reporting system automatically generates all the key statistics for you on your Dashboard. In just 5 seconds, you can see from an EASY 1-page summary how effectively your Affiliates are promoting, and if you’re on track to meet your income and affiliate goals!

MULTIPLYING The Traffic To Your Funnel Has NEVER Been Simpler!

How Do You PAY Commission To Your Affiliates?

That’s just as easy. Instead of spending HOURS pulling and compiling reports, and calculating commission payouts, everything is calculated FOR YOU and TRACKED using built-in Reporting & Tracking System.

To PAY Out Commission To Your Affiliates:

  • Verify the payment amount to be released to each affiliate using your reports (if you wish) 
  •  Hit the “Pay Now” button
  •  You’ll be taken straight to PayPal for an easy, direct payment (Or, if you like to do things old-school, you can write them out a check!) 

Now, all you need to do is figure out how to fill all of your extra time.

What ClickFunnels Can Do For You?

4. Create Smart Email, Text and Messenger Follow-Up Funnels!

Imagine How Many Visitors You Can Turn Into Paying Customers When You Start Sending Messages Based On Their INDIVIDUAL Actions And Behaviors Inside Your Funnel.

Actionetics Is The EASIEST Way To Speak Directly To Your Visitors, And Send Them The PERFECT Message That They Need, At The Exact Time They Need It.

Things You Can Get Rid Of When You Start Using Actionetics MD:

  • Your Email Autoresponder
  • Your Facebook Messenger Bot
  • Your Desktop Push Notifications
  • Marketing Automation Tools

How Actionetics Works

STEP #1: Start Building Your Lists

In Every Funnel, There Are Multiple List Building Opportunities, Like:

  • Opt-In Pages. Where visitors give you their email address in exchange for something cool.
  • Registration Pages. Where people give you their email address to sign up to attend a webinar.
  • Order Forms. Where they add their email address as part of their customer information and check-out process.

Every time one of your visitors gives you their email, they are added to your LIST, so you can follow-up with them later!

It’s Simple And Easy To Add Your Visitors Onto Your List:

1. Pre-Create A List

Creating lists inside Actionetics is EASY! Under the “Email Lists” tab, click the “Add New List” button. Simply give your new list a NAME (so you can find it easily when you have several lists), and save your settings. That’s it! Your list is IMMEDIATELY created, and ready to start housing email addresses! 

ClickFunnels Review. Pre-Create A List

2. Actions

When you set up your Landing page, Order page, Registration page, simply create an action in the automation tab that “subscribes” them to your list. You can even segment out buyers vs. non-buyers in different lists with simple action rules that move people from the list to list depending on the actions they take in your funnel.

ClickFunnels Review. Actions

3. Create “Smart Lists”

Actionetics has an advanced Proprietary Tagging System, which allows you to create a “Smart List”.

With a Smart List, you can quickly segment your list based on all the smart information that Actionetics collects from your customer:

  • Who they are
  • How they entered your funnel
  • What their buying history and behaviors are
  • What actions they’ve taken in your funnel
ClickFunnels Review. Create "Smart Lists"

Why are Smart Lists so important?

With other platforms that use tagging, the customer is entered to a specific list RIGHT THEN. You have to create the tags you think you’ll need ahead of time in order to get the relevant data.

Smart Lists are like the future of tagging!

You can instantly retrieve any information as needed, even if you don’t know the tag ahead of time.

You can pull KEY information on your customers whenever you want. Think of it as data-mining, where at ANY point, you can find out:

  • Where your customers live
  • How many fans/followers they have
  • What magazines/books they read, and what their interests are
  • How much money they make
  • How long they stayed on your landing page
  • How recently they purchased from you
  • Who your SUPER-BUYERS are (the ones who buy and consume everything you offer)

All this information (and so much more) helps you to better understand WHO your customers are, how you can provide value to them, and how much each individual customer is worth.

You can pull any information and create a “Smart List”, and send them a broadcast email, or put them through a follow-up funnel that speaks directly to them.

That’s pretty CRITICAL information to have when you’re trying to build a list, right?

You’d speak to a SUPER-BUYER completely differently than you would someone who has never purchased your products, and doesn’t even know who you are yet.

Actionetics’ Smart Lists allow you to retrieve a segmented list of your audience whenever you want, and then you can customize your messages based on who you’re talking to!

STEP #2: Create A (Multi-Dimensional) “Follow-Up Funnel”

Now that you have a list, you can start creating your Multi-Dimensional Follow-Up Funnel!

What Does Multi-Dimensional Mean?

Actionetics isn’t just your email autoresponder. It is so much more than that!

A good Follow-Up Funnel starts with an email, but it doesn’t end there.

Because let’s face it… Your audience isn’t magically in their email inbox 24/7…right?

They’re all over the place! They are tackling projects at their workplace, scrolling through their newsfeed on Facebook, watching videos on YouTube, taking the kids to after-school practices, running errands…

It makes it pretty tough to get in touch with your audience if all you send them is an email and that’s NOT where they happen to be.

Because of that, you want a better way to reach your customers, no matter where they are, or what they’re doing!

The Power Behind Actionetics MD

With Actionetics Multi-Dimensional Follow-Up Funnels, you can reach your prospects no matter where they are at, or what they are doing! You can communicate with them from MANY different angles:

  • Emails
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Retargeting Ads
  •  Desktop Notifications
  •  SMS…

If they don’t get your message in one place, you can catch them in other places that they are more likely to check… (this way, you have all your communication bases covered, no matter what their day looks like, or where they are!)

This Is Why Actionetics MD Is The Future Of Follow-Up Funnels! 

Sure, there are other email autoresponder services out there.

There are services for Facebook Messenger and desktop notification services, and SMS services.

But they are all separate services, (with separate fees, which can really add up!)

Even if you did have all of these services separately, they still wouldn’t “talk to each other”.
(Example: Your facebook notifications have NO clue who opened the email that you sent…right?)

This Is Why Actionetics MD Is So Powerful!

Actionetics MD is the ONLY platform in the world that can see everything together!
It sees your entire funnel:

  • Your Order Forms and Upsell Pages
  • Your Email Messages
  • Your Facebook Messages
  • You Desktop Notifications

It sees ALL of it!

And you can create your Follow-Up funnels using MANY communication angles, based on what your customers are doing (or not doing) inside your funnel! 

It’s Like The All-Seeing EYE Of Actionetics!

And you can create your Follow-Up funnels using MANY communication angles, based on what your customers are doing (or not doing) inside your funnel! 

Here’s What Multi-Dimensional Follow-Up Funnel Actually LOOKS Like, And How Easy It Is To Create One:

1. Create a Follow-up Funnel

Just like you can quickly create a lead gen or sales funnel inside ClickFunnels, you can use Actionetics to build a follow-up funnel FAST!  

To Add A Follow-Up Funnel: Inside Actionetics, click on the “Follow-Up Funnels” tab, and click on the “Add New Follow Up Funnel” button.

ClickFunnels Review. Create a Follow-up Funnel

2. Select What Type(s) Of Messages You Want To Send

There are 5 different types of messages that you can send, using different messenger bots:

1. Email Messenger

Email Messenger lets you design incredible looking emails, and then push them into the email inbox of your subscribers.

You can setup “send windows”, so they show up during the time of day that they are most likely to open their emails!

To help increase your email deliverability, you can also easily STOP sending emails to your subscribers who aren’t engaging with your emails. That way your deliverability actually goes up every time you send an email!

ClickFunnels Review. Email Messenger

2. Facebook Messenger

This delivers your messages straight into the Facebook inbox of your subscribers!

In fact…you get 8X the clicks from messages using Facebook messenger then you do sending emails!

ClickFunnels Review. Facebook Messenger

3. Retargeting Messenger

You can create retargeting messages, and push them directly into customer audiences on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

You can retarget them with messages and ads that they need, based on what they did (or didn’t do) in your funnel.

ClickFunnels Review. Retargeting Messenger

4. Desktop Notifications

Because your subscribers aren’t in their emails or on Facebook ALL day, you need to be able to reach them elsewhere.

You can send desktop notifications, so whether they are hanging out on one of their favorite websites, gaming, surfing the internet, shopping online, etc… you can still follow-up and connect with them!

ClickFunnels Review. Desktop Notifications

5. Mobile Notifications

Mobile notifications allow you to reach your subscribers even when they aren’t on their computer.

Whether your subscribers are running errands around town, traveling, at the gym, or relaxing at home…chances are, their phone is almost never more than an arm’s length away! Which means, no matter where they are, or what they are doing, you can still reach them!

ClickFunnels Review. Mobile Notifications.

Creating A Follow-Up Funnel Is That EASY!

The cool part is, you can have multiple types of messages that go out each day, and easily MIX & MATCH what type of messages you want to send!

So your Follow-Up Sequence could look something like this:

Day 1: Send Them An Email

Day 2: Send Them A Text Notification Through Mobile Notifications

Day 3: Send Another Email (if they didn’t open the Email from Day 1, simply resend it. If they DID open it, you can automatically register them for your webinar.)

Day 4: Send A Facebook Message – that directs them back to the Day 3 email…(For example, you could say “If you didn’t catch yesterday’s email, we’re running a brand new webinar tomorrow! Check your email for details, or you can click here for the webinar information!”)

STEP #3: Send (Multi-Dimensional) Broadcasts To Your Subscribers

Want to send a broadcast message out to your list, or Smart Lists? No problem… 

Let’s say you have a weekend launch, or a 3-Day Special, and you want to get the word out to your lists.

Instead of just sending a broadcast email, you can also send a broadcast Facebook Message, Desktop Notification, and SMS!

You don’t have to send out broadcasts on every platform…(although you can if you want to!) You can simply create a Smart List, and then choose which broadcasts you want to send, based on your list.

How Do You Actually Use Multi-Dimensional Broadcasts In Your Business? Here are Just A Few Examples Of How You Can Use Multi-Dimensional Broadcasts On A Regular Basis:

  1. Send a Broadcast Text to remind our registrants of an upcoming webinar.
  2. Send a Broadcast Email to let your list know about a new upcoming webinar, or product that you’re launching (or re-launching)! 
  3. Send a Broadcast Facebook Message, and send them to a new video you just created!

By sending Multi-Dimensional broadcasts, you can reach more people wherever they are at, and deliver your important message in a way that they are much more likely to see it.

STEP #4: Dig Into Your Stats And Make Adjustments 

After your emails are sent, you can check your stats to see what happened to each email.
Each email has its own stats button, so for every message you send out, you’ll be able to determine:

  • Who opened your emails.
  • Who clicked-through to your landing page.
  • Who purchased.
  • And how much money you generated from each email!

You can use this critical information to keep all of your highest converting emails (or even bump them up sooner in your follow-up sequence), and adjust the emails that didn’t perform as well.  

ClickFunnels Review. Dig Into Your Stats and make adjustments

Try ClickFunnels For Free:

ClickFunnels Pricing

You can start using ClickFunnels for Free (14 days). But you need to Pick the Plan To Get Started. You Can Downgrade At Anytime.


14 Day Free Trial

No Contracts, Cancel At Anytime.

Get Access To All Features! Then Just $97/mo.

  • 20 Funnels…great for starting out
  • 100 Pages
  • ​1 User
  • ​3 Domains
  • 3 Payment Gateways
  • Email Support
  • Funnel Hacker Forum… your hub for connecting with fellow funnelhackers

ClickFunnels PLATINUM

14 Day Free Trial

No Contracts, Cancel At Anytime.

Get Access To All Features! Then Just $297/mo.

  • Unlimited Funnels…unlimited offers, unlimited growth
  • Unlimited Pages…more leads, more sales
  • ​3 Users…for you and 2 team members (more funnels faster!)
  • 9 Domains…so you can build your empire
  • 9 Payment Gateways…Stripe (including ApplePay and AndroidPay), Paypal, NMI, Keap,, more.
  • Live Chat & Email Support…we’re here answer questions along the way
  • Funnel Hacker Forum…connect, collaborate, and ‘get the edge’ with the movers, shakers, and fellow funnelhackers
  • Funnel Flix…Access to trainings from the Ultimate Marketing, Sales, and Funnel Mastery Vault (no need to ever buy another course)
  • Follow-Up, text, Messenger (automation on steroids!)
  • Virtual Hackathons…create your perfect funnel side by side with one of our expert coaches showing you how…from start to finish

Thanks for checking out my ClickFunnels review!

All the best!


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